Tested on centos 5.4

1) mkdir /usr/local/csp
2) chmod 644 /usr/local/csp

3) FTP the csp package to /usr/local/csp
4) chmod 755 /usr/local/csp/config/
5) chmod 755 /usr/local/csp/etc/
6) chmod 755 /usr/local/csp/lib/
7) chmod 755 /usr/local/csp/log
8) chmod 755 /usr/local/csp/pluggin
9) chmod 755 /usr/local/csp/cardproxy.sh
centos contain the required java package -if not you must install java on your box, using yum
10) cd /usr/local/csp/
11) ./cardproxy.sh start

IMPORTANT: the first time you run this the csp will create a proxy.xml template. DO NOT FTP A FRIENDS proxy.xml to your csp until this template has been generated by your own csp!
Be careful if you do use a friends proxy.xml file, IT MUST BE FROM THE SAME CSP VERSION!! you cannot put a version 0.813 in a 0.9 setup or vice versa!

12) ./cardproxy.sh start

13) use your web browser
14) login; admin password: secret