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Thread: AzBox HD / Enigma2 Orilinal on Kernel 3.3.1 Software (Official Fw) Establish

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    AzBox HD / Enigma2 Orilinal on Kernel 3.3.1 Software (Official Fw) Establish

    Install the software on the Orilinal Kernel 3.3.1

    If you are a kernelli E2 Azbox HD cihazınınızda 3.3.1 software installed, the original software that is installed on the USB memory ?nnceden If you are having problems opening. Or a new build, the installation of the original software installation screen başlatamayıp experiencing blue solution is as follows.* Firstly you need to go on an expedition to a program kernelli 02/06/22. This phase of the return is quite risky and requires attention.*

    1 -) Must return required to be at the beginning of this process must be strictly AZUp'ın version 2.2.7.* Another provision of the initial installation kernelli 02/06/22 (video wizard) until you reach the screen, never close your machine. If you are a problem in the installation splash screen will not come. In this case, turn off the device with the same IP number, please re-install.

    2 -) The installation was done in a normal way, now with the old 2.1.6 version AZUp old kernel 6.2.22 kernelli to install only the software will be sufficient. AZUp 2.1.6, kernel 2.6.22.

    3 -) with the fat32 formatted USB memory device after the installation of the original FW4USB AZUp 2.1.6 still need to install the software.

    USB in the original software, DOM, or Enigma2 software will function normally.* 4 -) Then AZUp kernelli software 2.2.7 3.3.1 kursanızda USB stick with the original software still work.

    3.3.1 kernelli software you need to install it again later stages, re-install the kernel.

    Take it easy.* Yours.
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    Re: AzBox HD / Enigma2 Orilinal on Kernel 3.3.1 Software (Official Fw) Establish

    Tanberg software required for AZ box...

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