Slow Channel Swap

Changing channels is slow to decrypt

With any card sharing service it can sometimes be slow to decrypt some channels when changing channels. This is because many of the cards can operate different channels. You can solve this problem by creating a CCcam.prio file and uploading it to your receiver. The CCcam.prio file tells CCcam which card idents to ignore and which to treat as as priority. If you create this file yourself with your personal channels preferences in it then it can make channel swapping much quicker for you. Unfortunately it is outside of our scope to explain here how to create this file yourself but there is much information available in the forums.

We have however created a generic CCcam.prio file which you can use if you would like to. You should download this file from and unzip it onto your PC. You then simply upload the CCcam.prio file to the same folder as your CCcam.cfg file. There is no need to reboot your receiver, the file will work straight away.

This file is provided "as is" and we cannot guarantee that it will solve your personal problems. It has many of the more common provider listed that this issue affects but it may not improve all the channels you would like it to. Please do not ask us to make this file personally for you as we will not accept these requests.

NOTE ! CCCam File sent to your email with in 10 working Hrs Guranteed !!