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Thread: Automated Install Script for Ubuntu CCcam Server

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    Automated Install Script for Ubuntu CCcam Server

    ello to all i had made a tuto
    for installing CCcam on ubuntu
    but a lot of people had still problems installing it.
    so i made a script for this.
    there is still a small thing to do sorry, but its easy.!!

    you have to install Ubuntu i like the 8.04.3 LTS the most! (now its bin updated to the 8.04.4 LTS)
    the desktop edition.

    the 9.04 is the best working version at the moment.

    there is also a great new version from Ubuntu 10.04 LTS!!

    zipfile contains and the ubuntu_install_package + this read me text
    in the package you can change the CCcam.x86 to the version you like to have this one contains 2.1.1
    and you can also change the CCcam.cfg with one withs contents your settings. the CCcam.cfg is defauld only.

    install ubuntu.
    fill in the UbuntuInstall script only the OWNER= > i called it share4u because i share with you <(this is your username from the ubuntu install) this muts be done in also.!!!
    fill this in in linux othterwise you get problems with the sctript it wont work when you edit in windows!!!!
    you need the pc connected to the internet for downloads
    then place the script and the ubuntu_install_package in /tmp/
    then go to terminal.
    and login as sudo -i ( then you are sudo do what the text saysafter the ~$ and ~# )
    ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo -i
    [sudo] password for ubuntu: >fill in your password.<
    root@ubuntu:~# chmod 755 /tmp/
    root@ubuntu:~# /tmp/
    then the installation starts
    and your terminal will fill up then there will be askt some times ( yes or no) fill in Yes everytime
    then you get also a question choose standalone & undefined
    after it is done ubuntu reboot's
    te files in /tmp/ are gone and the server is up and running!!

    then set the IP of the server static
    in the top right corner you see a icon of 2 displays from the internet connection
    click on manual configuration
    unlock it by typing your password and configure your settings there.
    save it and done.

    you can login to check if CCcam is running on the ubuntu himself with
    then you see the CCcam info page!

    when you want to shange the config it can be done ones a day and its automatic at 3:57 AM
    after that CCcam shuts down at 3:56 AM
    and the keyupdate ones a night at 3:58 AM
    and CCcam starts again at 3:59 AM
    when you set a new CCcam.cfg put it in /var/config
    then when the configupdate is done it backs up the old config in /var/backup
    this server checks CCcam every 5 min with a check script, and when it has to restart
    it writes a log named CCcam.check in /var/cccamlog
    and it starts CCcam in debug and writes the a CCcam.log
    this can create big logs thats why there is also a script that cleans the logs ones a week.

    its the same install as the tuto with all the tips only automatic
    if there are any problems ore questions,

    but please read carefull first!

    have fun!!

    Here Is Link ...

    try to dowload it direct on your linux!!

    and for everyone who has some problems with the scripts you can use this link its for cleanup the
    scripts from the ^M

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    good work thanks my brother

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    Re: Automated Install Script for Ubuntu CCcam Server


    Can you tell me how to add client in cccam server

    i used Thread:

    Please reply to me


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