Step 1, firstly you need to choose yourself a port different from what you csp is using,for the cache which must be forwarded in your router and instead of tcp define it as a udp port lets say for example "15000 "

Step 2, make sure you forward this port in UDP to your CSP Server's ip address,

Step 3, in your proxy xml file locate this :

<cache-handler class="com.bowman.cardserv.DefaultCache">

it is normally near the bottom of the xml file, donít worry if its not exactly the same, now you are going to delete all of that and replace it, I will show with what shortly.

Step 4, you need to locate where your csp is kept, for example mine is /usr/local/csp
there also should be a cache directory, you need to open that and make a file just called " cluster "

Step 5, open / edit the new file ( cluster ) you made, in there will go your dns and port that you forwarded earlier ... ie :15000
also if someone has already given you details to exchange cache that would go on the next line

so you would have a file that looks like: :15000
frie$$$.dyndns.addy :30001

save that file and if any other cache exchange lines are given to you they will go in there as well.

Step 6, you will need to chmod the new file ie chmod 755 /usr/local/csp/cache/cluster or whatever path your csp is in.

step 7, this will be the replacement part of the xml file that you have deleted as of step 3
now remember the udp port you have forwarded also your dns you put in the cluster file and also the path where the cluster file is.

<cache-handler class="com.bowman.cardserv.ClusteredCache">
<local-host> </local-host>

save the xml " save changes "

Step 8, Restart your CSP Proxy

that's all

to check if it works , go to Status page and you should see Cache-Handler: com.bowman.cardserv.ClusteredCache
click on it and it opens up. you should see something like the example below

avg-received-bytes/s: 113
avg-sent-bytes/s: 292
cache-peers: 3
cached-ecms: 73
instant-hits: 893
pending-ecms: 6
received-cached: 37926
received-discarded: 15322
received-pending: 30190
remote-hits: 533
sent-cached: 15895
sent-pending: 17336
timeouts: 443
tracker-failures: 0
wait-hits: 1225