'' Sometimes Oscam get high ecm over 1000ms without any obvious reason.

What you can do is check your whole oscam.conf and unless other reason exists,change your oscam version to latest stable one.

In the mean time or if you can`t change your oscam version you can use the following script.

Dont forget to change the following parameters.




Edit the scripy and name it oscamtimeout.sh
And change the crontab.How to do that ?
Well edit the script and ftp to the folder let`s say oscam
Open a terminal and start crontab with the command ....crontab -e
Add the following line to check your oscam every 5 minutes....*/5 * * * * /oscam/oscamtimeout.sh

# accepable number of timeouts CAN'T BE LESS THAN THAT 2 "s client timeout=1000 ms, fallback timeout=700 ms, cache delay=0 ms"
# oscam init script
# log file
CHECK="`tail -200 $LOG |grep -v grep |grep -c timeout`" # If the the word "timeout" appears more times then SIZE ...
if [ "$CHECK" -gt "$SIZE" ]; then
# backup the log
#mv "$LOG" /var/log/oscamtimeout$(date '+%Y_%m_%d_%H:%M').log
# delete the log
rm "$LOG"
# logging restarts of oscam
echo 'oscam restarted becouse of timeot at' $(date '+%Y_%m_%d_%H:%M') >> /var/log/oscamtimeouts.log
#killing oscam
kill -KILL $(pidof oscam)
# wait 2 sec
sleep 2
echo 'nincs' > /dev/null
exit 1