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Thread: Warid Confirms Its customers About 4G LTE Launch in September

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    Warid Confirms Its customers About 4G LTE Launch in September

    Warid Telecom has finally come out of stealth mode for its 4G LTE launch plans as it is now communicating its customers about the launch of 4G LTE services in the country.
    While we have been developments, but it was only recently that Warid officially confirmed its customers about 4G LTE launch date that is likely to be somewhere in September 2014.
    Earlier, after during first week of May that properly hinted Waridís 4G launch, company was reportedly asked by regulator to not to make any public announcements about its 4G plans. Sources say that regulator didnít want to make Zong unhappy after it invested US210 million dollars for 4G license, while on other hands .
    This pressure from regulator pushed Warid to go into stealth mode, however, it didnít stop pursuing the goals of deploying 4G network and .
    During this, company affirmed its plans of for deployment of 4G network and for the rollout of network.
    Warid, during last week, finally decided to go public and committed with its customers about 4G LTE network launch in September.
    Check below a letter that company sent to its corporate customers:
    Dear Valued Customer,
    Warid has a long and successful history of staying a step ahead in the telecom industry in providing the best and the most innovative services to our customers. We have always focused on creating the most reliable network in Pakistan as we continue to enhance the quality cellular services.
    Keeping up with our promise to provide state-of-the-art technology to our customers, we are currently upgrading the network to 4G/ LTE (Long-Term Evolution) which is the most advanced mobile communication technology available globally.
    The 4G/ LTE technology evolution will be able to provide the most advanced data services and a richer data experience will be available to our customers by September 2014.
    Warid has contracted Ericsson, the leading global vendor in provision of 4G/ LTE infrastructure, as its technology partner to ensure steady and quick roll-out of these services. Through this network upgrade, we will further improve what is already considered to be an enjoyable network experience by our customers to complement our seamless voice connectivity.
    The Management and Shareholders of Warid Telecom would like to thank its patrons, the customers and the business partners, for exhibiting their patience and having faith in our promise to deliver the best technological solution of voice and data services.
    ***X ******X,
    Director Customer Services

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    Warid also sent a text-broadcast to its entire customer-base confirming them about the availability of 4G services soon.
    Check below screen of a text message that Warid customer received:

    Sources in company shared following text with ProPakistani that is communicated to customer service staff for possible 4G related queries:
    Dear All,
    In reference to launch of 4G LTE Services, please note that Warid is sending 4G LTE announcement letter to its customers. Please find below given points to handle customers accordingly:

    • 4G LTE is expected to be launched by end of September’14
    • Copy of formal announcement letter is attached for reference.
    • Letters will be dispatched from upcoming 04 Bill run (8th July) via email & postal address to postpaid/corporate customers.
    • Letters will be dispatched to those customers where ‘city’ in TABS address will be either Lahore, Islamabad or Karachi.
    • Below given are few more FAQs to cater customer’s queries over it:

    Q: When Warid is going to launch 4G LTE?
    A: 4G LTE will be launched by the end of September’ 2014
    Q: Do existing Warid SIM will work on 4G LTE?
    A: No, to use 4G LTE, customers would be needing new 4G LTE enabled Warid SIM. SIM price will be communicated later.
    Q: What are the charges/offers which Warid will offer for 4G LTE?
    A: Charges/offers details will be announced upon launch of 4G LTE.
    Q: What is the coverage list for 4G LTE?
    A: Initially 4G LTE will be launched in Lahore, Karachi & Islamabad. Further coverage will be expanded soon.
    Work Code: (Only for Business Center & Call Center) 3G/4G related info
    If you need any further assistance, we would be happy to serve you.

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