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    MultiCS r74

    Multi CardServer r74
    * fixed unknown cache message bug.
    * fixed host option for mgcamd client
    * added filter for invalid/bad viaccess ecm requests
    * added test channel parameter to log all ecm/dcw of a certain channel to file (/var/tmp/multics.log)
    TESTCHANNEL: 0500:032830:2206

    * added ecm length to sid list ( SID LIST: <SID:CHID:ECMLEN> )
    SID LIST: 0::92 # accept all ecm with length 0x92 (hex)
    SID LIST: 2206::60 # accept only ecm with sid 2206 and length 0x60

    * new ecm length parameter for profiles, to filter all incoming requests by requested lengths
    ECM LENGTH: 93, 64 # accept only ecm with length 0x93 or 0x64

    * new cache alivetime parameter, time which cw will stay in cache.
    CACHE ALIVETIME: 10 # in seconds (default=15s)

    * new file option "UPDATE ONCHANGE". if you disable this option for a file, config data will not be updated when you modify that file.
    UPDATE ONCHANGE: NO # default value = YES

    * new fline parameter "nodeid" to deny access for cccam client using unknown nodeid (different receiver/server).
    F: user pass { nodeid=0102030405060708 }

    * new http title parameter.
    HTTP TITLE: "My First Server"

    * added option to disable/enable "DCW CHECK" option for clients (newcamd/mgcamd/cccam)
    CCCAM DCW CHECK: NO # default=YES, disable/enable default value for all cccam clients
    MGCAMD DCW CHECK: NO # default=YES, disable/enable default value for all mgcamd clients
    NEWCAMD DCW CHECK: NO # default=YES, disable/enable default value for all newcamd clients

    * for each client you can enable/disable "DCW CHECK" option, if not specified default server option would be used.
    F: user pass { dcwcheck=yes }
    USER: user pass { dcwcheck=yes }
    MGUSER: user pass { dcwcheck=yes }
    ## client having a receiver(watching tv only) -> dcwcheck=yes
    ## client having a server -> dcwcheck=NO

    nb: r72c and r73 are test versions.
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