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Thread: [PHP] NewUser - Manager & Admin - Panel project for MultiCS

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    [PHP] NewUser - Manager & Admin - Panel project for MultiCS

    [PHP] MultiCS Panel is a commercial application that enables you to manage your MultiCS Server(s) easily. It has an administrator panel in which you can perform a lot of actions and settings regarding your MultiCS Server and also it includes a User Panel that any user is able to register to your site, and generate lines for their self.

    You can create lines from your admin panel and they will be written to your MultiCS Server automatically. MultiCS Panel supports expire date of the lines and it will remove them from your config when they expire. You can also make Line Packages for your users with the ability to select the Profiles You want. Users are able to purchase the packages you make and new lines will be automatically generated for them and will be written to your config.

    Our software not only supports Multiple MultiCS Servers but also it supports Multiple CCcam & MgCamd Server too. You have the ability to make many cccam & mgcamd servers for your MultiCS Panel and you can select them whenever you make lines or line packages.

    It must be mention also that users are able to change the emulator of their line whenever they wish.

    All these features are customizable and made in a very friendly environment.

    Some Of The Features are listed below:

    - Multiple MultiCS Server
    - Add/Edit/Remove Lines with expire date support
    - 3 Emulators Are Supported (CCcam, MgCamd, NewCamd)
    - Multi CCCam & MgCamd Servers Supported
    - Lines Offline/Online status. You can see who is online
    - You can create test line & official line packages for your users with many options
    - Groups Support. You can create different groups for your users and you can assign line packages to specified groups only.
    - Admins have a small monitor inside their panel in which they can see who is resharing.
    - Automatic Payments for paypal, support added also for PaySafeCard & Ukash
    - Ticket Support. Users can comminucate with you using tickets and you can respond to tickets from your admin panel.
    - phpMailer Support. You can add your own external email like yahoo,gmail etc for mail sending.
    - Email Verification for the users when they register to your site.
    - Automatic Panel Updates. If we make a new update for the panel you can instaly update it using one button and all your files and database will be updated if necessary
    - You can create your own custom pages
    - PayPal Shield Protection
    - BackUp/Restore SQL Database
    - Email/IP Ban List


    1) Why should i choose MultiCS Panel From Xtream-Codes?

    We do not want to praise ourselves, but we really did a great job on MultiCS Panel. Our software is very different from the others as it includes a userpanel mode which very few other seems to have but our biggest advantage is that our panel has by far a lot more features than any other panel. Why? The answer is simple.

    Our software is capable to parse your MultiCS Cfg Config before importing into the database and it understands every single word in your config. This is the reason why our software is very customizable and you can make for examples lines with loads of settings. (select subservers, profiles etc).

    Apart from that, our software is very secure. Only few security bugs have came up with a very low priority and we fixed them as soon as possible. MultiCS Panel has an auto-update feature inside your admin panel and you can get the latest version of our software by just pressing a single button. Any bug you find can be fixed in no time using this way.

    2) It is possible to test the software without installation?

    You are able to test our software to see how its working in case you don't want to waste time for installing it to your own machine. Just

    4) Can i change the source if i don't like something or to extend it?

    No. Our software is closed source and it is encrypted. You need our custom PHP extension installed into your PHP engine to make it work.
    We believe that protecting our source code will give us a better control overall.

    If you have some ideas to extend our panel then you can tell them to us. We will do our best to implement them in the next versions. Also you should know what the 90% of the current features of this panel have been suggested by our members.

    5) What if i already have some lines in my MultiCS Server. How can i import it into the panel?

    As stated before, MultiCS Panel parse your config and imports it into your database. Yes , that means every line you have will be imported too so you won't loose anything.

    All your data like CACHE PEERS, profiles,lines will be imported.
    If you have set an expire date to your lines using the date_end method will also be parsed so your lines will expire in the day you chose.

    6) Hey wait. MultiCS Servers r7.x does not support expire date option of the lines, so how MultiCS Panel supports it?

    Again, parsing the config give us that advantage too. MultiCS Panel updates your config every minute if any changes have been made. It updates your config by compiling all the data that have been imported into database.

    So, to answer the above question, if a line has expired it will not be included in your config file.

    7) Can i put the MultiCS Panel in different server than my MultiCS Server?

    Of course you can and it is something that we recommend! You can have your MultiCS Server in different server and there is no problem about that. MultiCS Panel can communicate with the MultiCS Server remotely from the interface port.

    8) What about backdoors? If it is encrypted how should i trust you?

    First of all we have to say you something about us. Xtream-Codes is not related to card sharing and should not be treated like that. We may started with a card sharing project but as we said before this is just a start. What we are trying to say is that we are only a coding team , and we are not interested for your data in any way.

    Secondly, MultiCS Panel is a commercial application and putting backdoors in a paid application makes no sense. Also de-crypting of our code is not that hard, it can be succeed by some advanced users so if there are backdoors inside you can easily learn it by others. But you won't.


    MultiCS Server Version: >= r68 (r7.x Recommended)
    Server: Any Simple VPS can handle the MultiCS Panel.
    PHP Version: >= 5.3.0 (5.5.X is supported too)
    MySQL Version: >= 5.x
    PHP Extensions: cURL,mcrypt,gd,xtream_codes
    Web Server: All Web Servers(Apache,Nginx,Lighttpd). Installer supports only Apache Though.

    If you decide to buy our software we will you give an automated installation script that will install the MultiCS Panel into your server in seconds!!

    Demo Download

    Please be aware that these links below are NOT containing the latest version.

    x86 MultiCS Panel Latest Version ->

    x64 MultiCS Panel Latest Version ->

    Our Automatic Installer ->
    Xtream Codes Team.

    P.S We are not affiliated IN ANY WAY with Card Sharing and we ARE NOT trying to promote card sharing. This is just a PHP Project and nothing more for those who want to manage their MultiCS Server easily. Card Sharing is totally legal provided that you use it with your own satellite subscription card and only for your private purposes!
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    thanks friend, good post

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    Also this installation by me installs and runs perfect.

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