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    MultiCS r70

    Multi CardServer r70
    * fixed cache peers unstable activity
    * fixed load balancer to block resending ecm to different servers with same ip
    * added STRICT dcw checking for nds cards
    * fixed peer cards checking when sending all replies to cache peer or in tracker-mode
    * YES/NO now can be used in config with boolean options ( YES=1 / NO=0 )
    * new cache option auto add peers "CACHE AUTOADD: YES" (default=no)
    * added oscam cacheex mode3 (reverse) on CCcam protocol (experimental)
    ## Cacheex Client
    F: cache pass { cacheex_mode=3 }
    ## Cacheex Server connection
    C: host 8495 user pass { cacheex_mode=3; cache_maxhop=2; shares=09CD:0, 0500:32830; }
    => push cacheex to server only shares slyit+csatv4 with maxhop=2
    to enable cacheex on one profile add "ENABLE CACHEEX: YES"
    * added multiport in newcamd line:
    N: 14000,14005:14007,14017,14021:14023 user pass 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14
    => Connect to servers having the next ports: 14000, 14005,14006,14007, 14017, 14021, 14022, 14023
    * added dcw check in cache
    * added profile hits to cache peer info
    * cache messages are now auto-saved to file '/var/tmp/multics.sms'
    * fixed load balancer to wakeup upon reaching server.timeout
    * fixed server priority in load balancer
    * new targets for RaspberryPI and openwrt
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