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Thread: Automated CCcam Install Script for Ubuntu Server

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    Automated CCcam Install Script for Ubuntu Server

    Automated CCcam Install Script for Ubuntu Server

    The benefits of using an Ubuntu server are that the desktop environment is really user friendly; it can be used as a day to day PC. Support for Ubuntu is not as good as Debian but the commands are either the same or just slightly different.

    This Tutorial is taken from CCcam Forum; the script was created by Youknowwho. The script itself is perfect works a treat and takes just minutes to run through, there are a few small errors on his instructions so I re-wrote them.
    Please read the instructions, Install Ubuntu and do the whole process from the UBUNTU desktop. If you don’t it may not work.

    Download the latest stable release of Ubuntu 10.04 (as of July 2010)
    Download link.
    Burn the ISO to a disk pop it in the server and reboot, select your language and install directly, don’t bother with the live disk. If for any reason it does boot in to the live version then when it gets to the desktop double click on the “install” icon. When asked for your account name think carefully and write this down as you will need this at a later stage, I will use cccam

    The attached setup file contains all the scripts required. Use winrar () or similar to unzip. The file contains Cccam 2.1.4 and CFG file, if you want to use a different version then just replace the Cccam.x86 with the one of your choice.

    Ok so Ubuntu is now running and you are sat looking at the desktop. There are two ways to proceed, you can either use the Ubuntu PC to continue or you can use FTP and Telnet, Personally I prefer to use the Ubuntu Server. People have reported errors that use windows to edit the .sh files, please use your new Ubuntu server to continue.

    Open the attached file that has been unzipped it is called cccam_install_package and there will also be a file called Edit just double click these tonight on your Ubuntu desktop and choose display to edit them.

    On Line 12 you will see this


    You need to edit this to reflect the account name you used to install Ubuntu. I used cccam so mine will now look like this


    Repeat this step on the following files:


    You should have done this three (3) times now. DO NOT EDIT ANY OTHER FILE OR IT WILL NOT WORK.
    Once edited place the folder cccam_install_package and the file in the TMP folder, click on places computer then your drive, you will see /tmp/

    Click applications, and then open Terminal.
    Type in:
    sudo –i
    It will ask you for your root password insert it now
    It will now display this:
    Type the following:
    chmod 755 /tmp/

    The installation will now begin. The script will ask you one question you need to select “Standalone” when it is complete the script will reboot Ubuntu for all other questions just press yes.

    You can place a config file in the var/config folder; the server will update it every night at 3:57 am. If you want to force the script to update you must use the following command

    Sudo –i
    (Insert password)

    This will then back up your old cfg file and insert the new one. Do not try and put a config file straight in to the Var/etc folder, it won’t work.

    Using your Ubuntu server and Firefox type in the following

    You will see Cccam is working.

    Total Install Package Link:

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