There are lot of different howto's around when you search for 'Oscam installation instructions'. To start this could not make things easy.
That's why i made this tutorial.
First we must make sure we can install repository's (PPA):
For Ubuntu 12.04

sudo apt-get install python-software-properties
For Ubuntu 12.10 and up
@sudo apt-get install software-properties-commonNow we add the repository:

sudo apt-add-repository ppascam/ppa
sudo apt-get updateInstall oscam:
  • oscam-svn (trunk version)
  • oscam (latest stable version)
    sudo apt-get install oscam

When the installation is done stop the oscam service:

sudo service oscam stopNow we need to edit some files, so we need to know where this files are located:

dpkg -L oscamBelow are the three files we need to edit.
First we make sure we backup those files before editing:

cd /etc/oscam
sudo mv oscam.conf oscam.conf.bak
sudo mv oscam.server oscam.server.bak
sudo mv oscam.user oscam.user.baksudo nano oscam.conf

NOTE: Be sure you edit the lines 42, 43 and 45.
sudo nano oscam.server

sudo nano oscam.user

NOTE: Be sure you add the right CAID on oscam.server line 9 and oscam.user line 6 and 7.
  • Ziggo/Casema CAID 0602
  • Ziggo/Multikabel CAID 0604
  • Ziggo/@Home CAID 0604

Now start Oscam, and tail the log:

sudo service oscam start
sudo tail -f /var/log/oscam/oscam.logAnd be sure this lines are showed:
2012/05/27 14:21:30 147E2B0 r found cardsystem irdeto
2012/05/27 14:21:30 147E2B0 r entitlements for provider: 1, id: 024342
2012/05/27 14:21:30 147E2B0 r chid: 254F, date: 2007/03/17 - 2007/03/31
2012/05/27 14:21:30 147E2B0 r chid: 0003, date: 2012/05/27 - 2012/06/26
2012/05/27 14:21:30 147E2B0 r chid: 0344, date: 2012/05/27 - 2012/06/26
2012/05/27 14:21:30 147E2B0 r chid: 000F, date: 2012/05/27 - 2012/06/26
2012/05/27 14:21:30 147E2B0 r chid: FFE3, date: 2012/05/27 - 2012/06/26
2012/05/27 14:21:36 147E2B0 r [irdeto-reader] ready for requests
Now Oscam is ready.