1. PayServers / IPTV Servers are NOT allowed to post about free/special offers or advertise their server or offer/extend lines in the ChatBox at any time. Such an infraction will result in a permanent ChatBox ban.
  2. PayServers / IPTV Servers are NOT allowed to contact a client (or a potential client) in the ChatBox.
  3. All PayServer matters should be discussed in the appropriate payserver thread. Forum members are NOT allowed to contact PayServers in the ChatBox and ask for lines or discuss lines they already have.
  4. Anyone posting abusive / insulting comments in the ChatBox will be immediately and permanently banned from the ChatBox. Such behaviour will NOT be tollerated.
  5. Members are asked NOT to swear in the ChatBox. We prefer certain abbreviations such as wtf or fook. Bans are not issued for swearing unless they qualify under Rule 4.
  6. Members can post INTERNAL links to GeoSharing.Net threads [excluding PayServer threads] if they feel it will help someone. Live EXTERNAL links are NOT allowed. [URLs are fine as long as they cannot be clicked]
  7. Members may NOT post IP addresses or ****ographic images (or links to ****ographic material).
  8. GeoSharing.Net is NOT a hacking site, we do NOT allow conversations regarding the hacking of other sites/boxes/servers etc. Please refrain from discussing DDOS software, DDOS tactics or DDOS activities. Warnings (and then bans) will be issued where appropriate.
  9. The use of RED is reserved FOR STAFF MEMBERS ONLY. If any other member chooses to use RED, you will be asked to change your text colour. Failure to comply will lead to a ban.

Notice: Traders may NOT advertise, directly or indirectly, via the ChatBox. Failure to comply will result in a 7 day ChatBox ban.

(GeoSharing reserve the right to add to or change these rules at any time)

Rule #4 Life Ban
Rule #7 Life Ban
Rule #8 Warning / Life Ban
Other Offences 1 Day Ban

Rule #1 Life Ban
Rule #2 7 Day Ban
Rule #4 Life Ban
Other Offences 1 Day Ban