is a social commerce for mobile apps .
This service will pay an amount of cents for every app that you will download and installs
( You can earn from 30 cents to the dollar for the free app for paid app ) .
To use the service you have to have a phone with Android operating system
and a paypal account , PSN , XBOX , Amazon , Google Play , Steam , Facebook , Itunes to receive payment .
To subscribe just connect the app to your Facebook account .
The app is updated constantly , so there is always a way to win .
You can download the app directly from google play writing Whaff
or the address:
When you start the app you will see a screen where you need to enter an invitation code to begin with a bonus of 30 cents . I would be grateful if you put my invitation code which is as follows :code=AP95889
if you have any doubt or problem commented and I will try to answer .

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How to Join With Whaff ?
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simply: whaff in playstore
2.login via facebook
3.enter the code = AP95889
4.and you got the dollar . we will get both 0.30$ if you use my code=APP95889