Formuler F4 Turbo unboxing

The Formuler F4 comes with more in the box than we usual see. The casing design is stylish and clean with a design pattern on the plactic front. All card readers and connections are on the back.

On the front side we find a standby button.

After unboxing we find:

  • Two AAA batteries (for the remote)
  • Power adapter​
  • Remote control extender
  • AV Phono jack cable
  • HDMI Cable
  • TV Bracket (Vesa)
  • Quick Installation guide

Great to see the tv bracket and Remote control extender included. It for sure gives you more options for receiver placement.

The remote control has not changed since previous Formuler models. It does not look or feel high end but it does fit quite nicely in the hand with the buttons sensibly positioned. Most buttons are reasonably sized.
Specifications and design​

  • Processor : Broadcom SoC
  • RAM : 512MB DDR3
  • Flash Memory : 256 MB NAND
  • Output Resolution : Full HD 1080p60
  • System : Embedded Linux
  • Display : 4-Digits


  • HEVC/H.265 MP and Main10 @1080p60
  • AVC/H.264 MP/HP @L3.1 (60fps)
  • AVC/H.264 HP @L4.2 (30fps)
  • MPEG-2 MP @ML & HL
  • AVS baseline profile @L6.0, AVS-P16 (AVS+)

If we take a look at the rear we find

  • Tuner : 1x DVB-S2
  • 1 x Common Interface
  • 1 x Smart Card reader
  • Optional Plug & Play Tuner Slot (Terrestrial/cable)
  • HDMI : HDMI 1.4
  • USB : 2x USB 2.0
  • Ethernet 10/100 Base Tx
  • AV : 3.5mm A/V Mini Jack
  • S/PDIF : Optical
  • Other : microSD slot, RS-232C, IR Extension, Power Input


Length : 220mm Width : 145mm Height : 35mm

Our review sample came with pluggable tuner installed.

The micro sd slot is a good addon but do note that only up to 32 GB is supported. Even though the receiver supports HEVC H2.65 it is important to note that this is still a 1080p receiver so it cannot do UHD/4K TV channels or video files. No WiFi is onboard so that is worth noting as well.

If you want to do Recording & Playback it is possible with External USB 2.0 Devices

Image support

The Formuler F4 Turbo came with software preinstalled (October 2016) from the German Team . You would be advised to do an upgrade to more recent version for the latest updates.

You could also go for should you prefer that.

Installing an Image on the Formuler F4 Turbo

It is easy to install a new image. Simply download the Formuler f4 turbo image you want and put the folder on a USB key.

Y0u put the USB key into the receiver and power on the receiver. It should read USB in the display.

Press the standby button on the side of the front of the F4 Turbo to install the image.

Let it finish. The receiver will reboot when done.

Installation and daily use

The installation is standard Enigma 2 style. Default language on the OpenATV image is German but it is easy to change. Also it has some default bouquets for German TV preinstalled.

Speed wise we are quite happy. Zapping is pretty fast as is going through the menus and such.

PVR worked fine after we connected a USB 2.0 external hard drive. With both a Satellite tuner and a terrestrial tuner installed you can do 2 x recordings or watch one thing while viewing something else.

We had the chance to test out the H.265 support as well through media files from the site only the 110 Mbps 1920 x 1080 clip proved to be too much it seemed. Others played fine. Remember that the files must not be above 1080p.

Our Verdict

The Formuler F4 Turbo offers a lot for a fair price. You will not get the latest and greatest like 4K/UHD support but it has H.265 playback support of up to 1080p files.

With tuners for both satellite and optionally also DVB-T/T2/C you have a very capable receiver.

The generel feel of the receiver is good with pretty fast channel zapping and no lag really in the menus. And with its included IR remote extender and mounting backet you have more options for placement.