How to - Stop your cards being stolen by oscam users who are faking
This is a quick how to for those of you who want to protect your local card after the recent rise of card fakers/stealers. With oscam currently users can take your c line that you have given and put direct to oscam thus bypassing any reshare limits you set. They can then go one step furthur and fake your local with the 256 trick in cccam versions prior to 2.1.4. Nice and easy to use and just some settings to add.


So if you have a peer who is doing re-sharing/faking do the following:

In your oscam config directory create a file and put in it:

# anti-cascading table
# format: <CAID>:<provider ID>=<seconds>

here is an example for sly italia . note the format as above
093B:000000 = 9


In your oscam.conf add following:
enabled = 1
numusers = 1
sampletime = 2
samples = 5
penalty = 0
aclogfile = /var/log/oscam_ac.log
denysamples = 9
fakedelay = 1000

In oscam.user, for each guilty user add:
penalty = 1

This will work as follows:

oscam will sample every user for ecm requests for 15 minutes. If a bad, bad guy exceeds the limit oscam will send a fake cw for the next 9 samples. If in userfile you do penalty = 0 the user will not be punished but it will be logged in aclog file. Do not go too tight with the settings as people chnge channels and create additional ecm requests.
Above settings works a treat.

Thanks to SAMKHP